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Running for State Representative for the towns of Marshfield and Scituate

Nathaniel Powell

Nathaniel is a life-long resident of Marshfield who wants to stand up for what is best for our District (Marshfield/Scituate).  He is a rare candidate, being a Marshfield Firefighter (Local 2568) and a local small business owner (Landscape/Excavation Company – Nathaniel Powell Co. LLC), he understands the importance of proper pay and safety for the workforce and the importance of local, small business to the local economy.  A family oriented husband and father to five children – all in the Marshfield school system – he has a vested interest in public education and school safety.  As his grandparents and parents are all residents of the Town of Marshfield, Nathaniel is deeply embedded in the local community and has deep ties to the area and can’t emphasize the importantance of doing what is right for our district.

Nathaniel is a Pro-Union employee who believes in protecting our workforce. He serves as a member of Local #2568’s Executive Board and has collectively bargained multiple contracts.  He believes that because of his experiences on the executive board that he has intimate knowledge of the healthcare/insurance system, both locally and nationally.  He also has many different experiences with both school safety and the opiod epidemic because of his 13 year career as a Firefighter.  Nathaniel is also a small business owner and truly believes that small business is the backbone to local economy.  He understands the difficulties of owning a small business – from employees to insurance/tax rates.

Many of the issues that are pressing this area now, Nathaniel feels that they are intertwined and multi-dimensional and feels that a new creative way of thinking is needed to overcome these issues:

Mental Health is an underlying issue that is a factor in many of these present day issues.  Years ago, there were many “Mental Institutes” and due to either lack of funding or healthcare professionals realizing that many of these patients could function in society if they were properly medicated, many are closed today.  Generally speaking, many of these individuals thrive in society as long as they are taking their medications.  The problem comes when they don’t take their medications – either because they aren’t well enough to take care of themselves or they can’t afford their medications because of rising healthcare costs.  Nathaniel would like look into these problems and find solutions, believing that healthcare does start at the state level. This is evident with the nation’s current healthcare system (Obamacare) that is modeled after former MA state Governor Mitt Rommey’s healthcare system implemented in this state during his time in office.  Healthcare costs have to be made more affordable for everyone.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance and helping these mentally unhealthy individuals would go a long way.  Other ideas would be legislation that would protect our youth – only inward opening doors in a classroom and maybe sheltering in place for some (if not all) fire alarms are just some initial thoughts.

As far as the opiod epidemic, Nathaniel doesn’t believe that one piece of legislation is going to solve this problem.  Stricter sentences for drug dealers is a start, but ultimately educating our youth and young adults is essential.  Perhaps bringing together current addicts and recovering addicts and discussing what their reasons for starting use were?  How did they final stop?  What would have kept them from ever starting?  Etc.

Education is very important to Nathaniel, as he has children in the public school system.  He would be looking to keep local aid for the schools and ensure proper facilities.  He also believes College tuition costs and a lack of a workforce in the trades, that High School/College may not be for every student and would like to see an increased interest in the trades and/or vocational high school.  Increasing the number vocational students accepted at South Shore Votech for our district.

Seawall Infastructure is another hot topic that Nathaniel has strong views on. Believing that both Scituate and Marshfield’s local economy rely on the beach front areas for increased revenue in the summer months from rental, retail, and entertainment incomes – these areas need to be protected.  The seawalls need to be repaired, but with rising ocean levels this district needs to start looking for alternative ideas to protect our communities.  Permeable asphalt with detention areas, Wave Attenuation Devices (WAD), looking into possibly depositing dredged deposits back onto the beach are just a few ideas.  He would like to work with the local fishing industry, as to not destroy their fishery but protect it and the harbors.

Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility:  Being a business owner and growing up in a blue collar family, Nathaniel knows the value of a dollar and all the hard work that goes into earning every dollar.  He would ensure that our district was fiscal responsible with our hard earned money.